Engineering and Design Consultancy

Manufacture, design and analysis of mechanical hardware, electrical systems including processor programming and software solutions.

Qualified mechanical engineer with extensive experience in electronic, computer and design.

If you require hardware, software or web solutions to be designed, analysed and built, please use the contact form on this website.

Trevor Jackson - Wobblevision

Trevor Jackson commissioned the construction of a analog video processing unit, no computer processing.

As this is currently a work in progress for the artist, no details shall be published at this time.

Working With Felix Thorn (Felixs Machines ), we were commissioned by Yoann Lemoine of HSI London to construct a machine within 4 weeks, forming the mechanics parts of the structure for the advertisement video for the Twirl Bitesize launch shown on television and web.

We worked closely with Matts and Minitures, where we were based for 2 weeks. Design was provided to the client in 3D animated form.

Cadbury's PLC - Twirl Bitesize Advertisement

For Charlie a device was constructed to provide power and convert midi to voltage for high amplitude solenoids.

Charlie Alex March
Felix's Machines

Felix Thorn of Felixs Machines commissioned the construction of a control unit for his kinetic sculptures.

The device combines the control systems and power systems for 246 outputs controlling solenoids, motors and LED's. Sending 60A across multiple outputs.

The module design involved 12 rack mounted modules, all powered from a duel source power supply, providing different votlage outputs and syncronising midi broadcast from usb.